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The Reciprocal Productivity Index® software, developed through our industry experience and consulting practice, provides a creative understanding of complex reservoir and production system performance. Our integrated software is designed to quickly give a clear picture of system performance and to investigate opportunities for improvement and asset value enhancement.


Production Analysis Tool

Basic pressure transient analysis techniques to quickly evaluate production histories.

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Please contact us for software licensing and trials - 29MB
Please contact us for software licensing and trials - 4MB

New Users:
If this is your first time installing RPI® on your computer, you will need to download the full version of the program.

Existing Users:
If you currently have RPI® installed on your computer, we recommend that you update to the latest version. If the version number is older than v.1.6.18 we recommend you download the full install.

Additionally, if you receive error messages when trying to install an update, your files may not include all the necessary extensions provided by the full installer package. Please try downloading the full install and re-attempt the update if necessary.

How do I locate my version number?

RPI® Extras  

Download Sample Data to familiarize yourself with the program and assist in program evaluation.

Download Default.XLS and run as a database to reset all default values in the program.





SIMS®- Stimulation Information Management System

Stimulation Flowback Analysis Tools

SIMS® uses basis transient analysis and database techniques to quickly evaluate very early time well performance post-stimulation.
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Single-Well Simulation Tool

WellAna® uses the same mathematical logic as RPI®. It designed to handle more complex production system behavior.
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Integrated Individual Well / Pipeline / Compressor Simulation Tool

PipeAna® combines the results of RPI® analyses with the gas gathering or transmission system, through the extremely flexible pipeline simulation program. It allows the user to investigate interaction between the reservoir, the pipeline and compressors.
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Compressor Simulation Tool

CompAna® provides the ability to model the performance of a reciprocating, positive-displacement compressor on an end-by-end basis for virtually any staging and by-pass configuration. It is especially well suited for evaluating cylinder-end balancing on existing units.
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Multi-well Reservoir Simulation Tool

ResAna® is a robust, multi-well reservoir, finite difference simulation program used to evaluate well interaction at the reservoir level.
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