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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 08:31:01 AM
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PipeAna® Software


Integrated Individual Well / Pipeline / Compressor Simulation Tool

PipeAna® is designed to handle the detailed modeling of gas gathering and transmission systems. There are no known limits to the number or complexity of loops and compressor placement, except for being physically realistic. The solution is unconditionally convergent, which guarantees a solution. Because of that, the program can perform robust history-matching of past performance of the wells, pipelines, valves, dehys and compressors, including changes in system geometry over time. Once the historical wellhead choking, line and compressor efficiencies, etc. are determined, facilities performance can be forecast into the future. The forecast can included the time, rate, pressure and depletion dependent behavior of each well in the system. The robustness also allows imposition of a variety of proration and other production constraint requirements, as needed. The forecast also allows changes in facilities configuration, placement, efficiency and loading through time.

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