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Technical Papers About RPI®


Below are technical papers and publications which discuss the many aspects of RPI's contribution to production analysis.

Theoretical Bases & Technique


Application of RPI®

Most Viewed SPE Distinguished Lecturer Video: Why Shut the Well In? You Already Have the Data 
Jim Crafton, Performance Sciences, Inc., 2003

SPE 36629 - The Effect of Treatment Parameters on Well Productivity in a High-Temperature Fracturing Application
David D. Cramer, BJ Services Co., Inc., 1996.

SPE 37409 - Oil and Gas Well Evaluation Using the Reciprocal Productivity Index Method
J. W. Crafton, Performance Sciences, Inc., 1997.

SPE 49042 - Successful Application of a Novel Fracturing Fluid in the Wasatch Formation in Eastern Utah
Jeff C. Dawson, Hoang V. Le, SPE and David D. Cramer, BJ Services Co., 1998.

SPE 49046 - Well Performance and Completion Effectiveness in the Baldy Butte Field, Washakie Basin, Wyoming
David D. Cramer, BJ Services Co., and Darrick Stallings, Yates Petroleum Corporation, 1998.

SPE 49223- Well Evaluation Using Early Time Post-Stimulation Flowback Data
J. W. Crafton, Performance Sciences, Inc., 1998.


107982-MS - Field Case Studies of Completion Fluids to Enhance Oil and Gas Production in Depleted Unconventional Reservoirs
John T. Pursley and Glenn Penny, CESI Chemical; John Benton and Gary Nordlander, Whiting Petroleum; Mike McDougall, Quantum Resources; David Greene, Enerplus Resources USA; and James W. Crafton, Performance Sciences Inc., 2007

SPE 111179-MS - CO2 Restimulation in the Michigan Basin: A Second Chance for the Prairie Du Chien
J.T. Edwards, BJ Services Company; J.W. Crafton, Performance Sciences, 2007

SPE 110851 - Stimulation Flowback Management-Keeping a Good Completion Good
J.W. Crafton, Performance Sciences; D.W. Gunderson, BJ Services Company, 2007

SPE 103591 - Use of Extremely High-Time-Resolution Production Data To Characterize Hydraulic Fracture Properties
J.W. Crafton, Performance Sciences Inc.; D.W. Gunderson, BJ Services Co., 2006

South West Petroleum Short Course Documentation - A Graphical Well Performance Simulator
J. W. Crafton, Snyder Oil Corporation.

South West Petroleum Short Course - Reservoir Pressure and Skin from Production Data Using the Reciprocal Productivity Index Method(The Intercept Method)
J. W. Crafton, Performance Sciences, Inc., 2000.

RPI User's Group Presentation - Linear Flow Systems
J. W. Crafton, Performance Sciences, Inc., May 21, 1998.

Oil & Gas Journal - Water management strategy improves tight gas recovery
Lon Stuebinger & Paul Sauer (Texaco Exploration), Mark Yamasaki (Performance Sciences, Inc.), 9/17/2001.

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