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MAX Smart™ Consulting Services

Performance Sciences conducts geologic, reservoir, well performance, completion effectiveness, pipeline performance evaluations. In support of these activities, we provide technical courses, and presentations, feasibility studies, and technical resource management consulting on every Continent where oil and natural gas are produced. These services have been provided to virtually every major and independent producer and several national oil companies. The predecessor to Performance Sciences introduced the first integrated technologies approach to reservoir performance. That approach and philosophy persists in our current activities. These steps all lead to the ability to implement procedures and practices which maximize asset value under any given economic strategy.

Offering expert consulting in:


SIMS®- Stimulation Information Management System

Because of the unique conditions which exist in the wellbore and near-wellbore soon after the completion of a hydraulic fracture stimulation, very early-time assessment of reservoir quality and completion effectiveness can be accomplished. This information can be used to manage and alter post-stimulation flowback procedures and subsequent stimulation protocols.

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SMART™ - Stimulation Management and Analysis Real Time

The reservoir quality and its geology affect completion and production effectiveness. Further, from evaluation of the high-time resolution production data, it is possible to determine the impact of commingling and remediation operations. In addition, tubing landing and sizing and artificial lift procedures can be appraised.

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Reservoir Evaluation

The assessment of reservoir quality and producing mechanisms requires the ability to allow each well’s production history to tell its “story” about what has affected and caused its behavior. When these factors are considered over a large group of wells and in the context of their geologic, maturation and tectonic environments, it becomes straight-forward to evaluate asset value maximization strategies. This is practical for gas wells, CBM environments, oil wells above and below bubble point, even in secondary and tertiary recovery phases of their lives.

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Pipeline Performance Evaluation

Wellbore and reservoir systems change over time, therefore the system which transports the natural gas must evolve over time as well. That need exists whether the gathering system is new or being reviewed for modification preparatory to an in-field drilling program. To properly evaluate this time-dependence, the pipeline model must permit convenient modeling and tuning of the historical system behavior incorporating all its elements. And, it must allow a prospective appraisal in a forecast mode.

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Compressor Effectiveness Evaluation

As the reservoir/pipeline system changes over time, so do the operating conditions for the compressors change. Operating expense, reliability, up-time availability and capital expenditure are strongly impacted as a unit’s cylinders and staging become unbalanced by increasing compression ratios and varying through puts.

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