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As a consultancy and engineering software provider to the oil and gas industry for the last seventeen years, Performance Sciences Inc. utilizes theoretically rigorous, easy-to-use, practical technologies based on thorough and in-depth knowledge of this industry.

The company has access to a readily available, technically competent group of geologic, petrophysical, reservoir, completion, operations and computer system specialists. These professionals provide their services in an "on-call, as needed" basis.

What We Do:

Performance Sciences provides new technology to increase asset value and productivity for the oil and natural gas industry with tools such as The Reciprocal Productivity Index (RPI)®, Pipeline Simulation (PipeAna)®, Compressor Simulation (CompAna)® and others, made available through leasing and consulting services.

Dr. James W. Crafton - President

Dr. James W. Crafton Portrait
Dr. Crafton founded Performance Sciences, Inc. (PSI) in 1994 as a consultancy specializing in transient-data evaluation of reservoir and completion performance efficiency. As a petroleum consultant confronted with overwhelming amounts of data, Dr. Crafton realized a tool was needed to analyze production data quickly and efficiently. He developed RPI® as this essential tool for the petroleum industry.

SPE Award Presentation Photo

May 17, 2006 - Dr. Crafton was awarded by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) for his Distinguished Contributions to Petroleum Engineering In The Area of Production and Operations. He was also an SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 2003 & 2004.

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